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Family & Community Gatherings Tamborine Mountain

Let’s Host Your Family or Community Event

Are you planning an annual event, birthday party, hen’s retreat, or major celebration? Look no further! Grand Chameleon offers a variety of customisable options to ensure your event is exactly how you envision it. Choose from different areas, times of day, meal services, seating arrangements, lounge settings, fireplaces, AV equipment, and entertainment options. Whether you desire a private, intimate gathering or a lively celebration, we can cater to your needs.

Grand Chameleon is proud to welcome a diverse range of community groups and gatherings from both the local and wider community. Whether your passion lies in gardening, support groups, music, or disability advocacy, our venue on Tamborine Mountain is the ideal location for your next event. Enjoy great coffee, ample parking, and numerous cozy and secluded spots to make your gathering special.

Our facilities offer easy access to hiking trails and shopping, providing both serene and relaxing spaces as well as high-end settings. With its interesting and eclectic ambiance, Grand Chameleon is the perfect spot for your next meeting or event on Tamborine Mountain.

Make your next gathering memorable at Grand Chameleon!