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Small Weddings

Intimate Elopement and Smaller Weddings: Unveiling Tranquil Moments Amidst Nature & Garden

In a world where grandeur often overshadows simplicity, we extend a heartfelt invitation to embrace the beauty of intimate celebrations with our exclusive elopement packages.

Whether you prefer the charm of a traditional church or the enchantment of our garden spaces, we cater to the desires of the modern, budget-conscious bride.

Customise your ceremony with a touch of contemporary flair, choosing from rustic chic, quaint garden settings, Bohemian vibes, or the timeless elegance of our colonial church.

From ceremonies only, simple extras or full-service packages we can include a marriage celebrant, music performers, and delectable extras like cheese boards or canapés, we ensure every detail reflects your unique style.

After the vows, retreat to our honeymoon cottage, awaiting your first night as newlyweds. With a focus on the personal, private, and budget-friendly, our offerings guarantee memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Let us set the scene for your love story amidst dreamy backdrops and intimate seating arrangements.